Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Sum of Change...

When it's been over 10 months (282 days—6768 hours—406,080 minutes) since your last entry, where do you begin??

So much has happened since February 25th—thankfully life is not stagnant & I have been able to move forward each day with new experiences & chances for growth. To spend time trying to "catch up" at this point, would only prevent me from spending time writing about the things I want to share from today & the changes that still take place every moment of life...

But to simply skip out on sharing some of the events that took place would leave a gap in all the future stories I'd like to tell—& so, although I'd like to spend hours writing about each event individually, I hope you will be ok with me summing them all up in a few short sentences—knowing that this will at least provide a little more insight into where I've been these past 10 months...

As many of you know, my mom is a math teacher—& although I've never really been great at math, trying to "sum" up everything is like trying to solve a crazy math problem—so, if I really could "add" up all of the big changes that have taken place over the past 10 months, the "sum" would equal 31 — which coincidentally is also the birthday I celebrated in June...

Here are the numbers:

I packed up & moved 4 times

(From Arizona to Californiato Utah & back to California again)

(Here are just 2 of the 5 amazing places I got to call home)

Worked at 4 different hospitals

Taught Group X classes at 7 different gyms

Discovered that having 1 puppy was more work than I ever thought she would be

(Meet Hanamy adorable boxer puppy)

Delivered 1 baby girl (in the parking lot of a hospital at 2ammom, baby & yes, even dad are all doing great)

Welcomed 1 new nephew (making a grand total of 21 nieces and nephews—with 1 more on the wayso fun!)

(This is my dad holding Owenmy "baby" brother's newest baby)

Attended 1 funeral (you can go to to learn more about this precious little boy and his amazing family)

Ran for the 2nd time in the Wasatch back 178 mile relay

(Our 1/2 of the "Wasatch Women" at mile 10016 hours into the race)

Had many weekend "trips" taking me through 7 different airports

Replaced 2 doors on my car (after it was hit 2 different times by 2 different people)

Fell in love with 1 very amazing man

(Ladies & Gentlemen...Mr Zach Pond)

...Each of these events hold more memories than can ever be written, & some hold the memories that are still yet to comebut as I look back to at where I was in February, I can't help but see how clearly the Lord has been preparing me for where I am today. & although I'm not sure where tomorrow will lead me, I do know that for today, I am in the place I need & want to be…


The Edwards said...

K so where are you? I've tried to reach you and see how you were...? Monica was my trainer :) I am so excited for the new love! Email me sometime:

Love, Bobbi

Dave and Stephanie said...

yea! i am so happy you updated. and what a great way to summarize 10 months...much better than i would have done. hope you're doing well!

Kimberly said...

So happy to hear of all of your wonderful adventures, we wish you the best. Love ya tons and Happy Holidays

Jayme said...

Trina!! I bet you don't remember me, but we were in the same ward in Salt Lake for like a month. :) I will always remember how nice you were and you left a sweet note on my car one morning. I was so surprised to see you on Stephanie's blog. What a small world!! I went to high school with Stephanie. I hope all is well!! It looks like it has been a good year.